Our WW1 Remembrance

WW1 Remembrance Cross

On the window sill, by the roll of honour, in St. James' Church is our WW1 remembrance cross.

On the Sunday nearest to the 100th anniversary of the death of a solider with connections to Staveley, Ings or Kentmere we remember them in our service.

A verse of scripture is read and we hear a biography of the soldier, often read by someone with a connection to them. A prayer is said a poppy bearing the soldier's name and dates is attached to the cross.

The first poppy was placed there on Sunday 21st September 2014. It commemorated the life of Andrew Hill, who died 47 days after the start of WW1 and only 10 days after leaving England.

By the time we mark 100 years since the end of WW1 there will be over 60 poppies on our cross.

Details of the soldiers who died in both world wars are available in the folders at the front of the church. For more information about any of our soldiers, or if you have further information to add or would like to join us to remember a soldier with which you have families ties, please contact David Shackleton.

Details of the war graves at St. James' Staveley can be found here.

Biographies of those who have been commemorated can be read using the links below.

George Grisedale Atkinson

Arthur Banks

Fredrick Barker and Edward Wilson

George Beattie

William Beckett

Anthony Jenkinson Bland

Thomas Blenkhern

Thomas Blenkhern

George Bowness

Fred Cannon

William Challener

George Crofts

Fredrick Crossley

Thomas Dawson

Louis Dobson

Walter Dowthwaite and James Martindale

Walter Harrison, Robert Hully and John Gaskell

Kenneth Houghton Glover

Thomas William Greenhow

Malcolm Harrison

Francis Hawksworth

Andrew Hill

John Hope

Thomas Huck

Christopher Johnson 

Stanley Jump

Fredrick Langhorn

Jerry Martindale

Thomas William Martindale

Bertie Rawlinson Nicholson

John Peet

Tom Threlfall and John Pennington

John Prickett

Thomas Raven

The Revd Eric Oswald Read

James Henry Rutherford

John Shaw

Frederick George Storey

Robert Storey

George Holmes Suart

James Harold Swainson

Richard Thistlethwaite

Fred Threlfall

John Vickers Tyson

Septimus Colwell Wharton

Robert Whittam

Anthony Willan

 John Withers

Other biographies will be added as the anniversaries arise.

At the going down of the sun

and in the morning

We will remember them