St Margaret's Tower

                 St. Margarets Tower                   

Until 150 years ago the Parish Church of Staveley was St. Margaret's, now all that remains is the clock tower. It stands in the centre of Staveley in our open churchyard. The Churchyard is maintained by volunteers who gather on a Wednesday morning, in all weathers!

You can read about the history of St. Margaret's and St. James' in our history leaflet.

Tree  work  at  St James’  and   St  Margaret’s, Staveley

As required by our church insurance the trees in our churchyards are periodically inspected. The inspection early in 2019 advised attention was needed to numerous trees in both churchyards. A full arboreal (tree) report was prepared by Bruce Hatton a local expert and some additional modern scientific testing was done later to examine the interior condition of the wood. From this it was confirmed that work was required particularly in view of the potential risks of injury to people and damage to properties which could have taken place.

Several trees have already been felled with others pruned as required. The final tree for felling is a large sycamore in St Margaret’s overhanging the footpath towards Billy’s Space. This is planned to start on Tuesday 28th possibly taking 3 days. All “waste” will be removed and the churchyard left as tidy as possible.

At times the use of the footpath may be restricted during the felling.

The expense of this work over the past year is quite considerable on our church finances something we could well have done without but is considered necessary on the professional advice we were given. We could not ignore the insurance report, advise from a local arboreal expert and modern scientific testing. The reports have also been seen and work has been approved by LDNPA. We sincerely hope everything remains in good order until our next tree report is needed. We intend to replace felled trees with alternatives again with expert advice.

Mathew Flynn a Staveley tree surgeon and his team will be doing the work.