Assembly/Collective Worship at Home

Assembly/collective worship at home will next be live at 9.45am on Thursday on St James Staveley Facebook page or you can watch on this website's home page or join in via Zoom, please contact us for the link.

The Holy Trinity

This is our Assembly at Home Holy Trinity - can you guess which one is which?

Assembly 9: Jesus Ascends to Heaven

ascension day

Jesus took his disciples up a mountain. He told them that the time had
come for him to back to be with God in Heaven. He also told his disciples not to be sad, because Jesus would send them a helper - the Holy Spirit to be with them always.
Jesus asked them to go and tell everyone how much God loved them and the Holy Spirit would help them.
Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to be with us and help us too.

Dear Jesus
We want everyone to know that you love them. Please send us the Holy Spirit to help us and be with us always.

Activity sheets:  story fold up
colouring sheet
activity sheet
story fold up


Assembly 8: Jesus Feeds 5000 people

feeding 5000

Over 500 hungry people had been listening to Jesus all day.
One little boy offered his lunch to Jesus. Jesus thanked the little boy and then thanked God for the food. The disciples shared it out and everyone had enough to eat and there were 12 baskets of left overs!


When we offer what we have, our love, our friendship, our compassion, our respect and our resilience to Jesus he will make it enough to share with everyone in our house, with lots left over.

Dear Jesus, please take the little I can offer and use it to make my home, our community and our world a better place.


Activity sheets:

Colouring pagestory spinner

Story worksheet

Story spinner to colour and make

Coloured story spinner to make

web link for extra spinner instructions


Assembly 7: Jesus Calms a Storm

jesus calms a storm

Jesus and his disciples went out on Lake Galilee in a boat. Jesus was tired and went to sleep. A big storm blew up and the disciples were scared; 'HELP US JESUS, WE ARE GOING TO DROWN!!' they shouted. Jesus got up, he told the waves and the wind to stop and the sea became calm. He told his disciples to trust and believe in him.

Dear Jesus, help me to trust you when life seems stormy.

jesus calms the storm salt cellar

Activity sheets:
Jesus calms the storm colouring page
Jesus calms the storm black and white salt cellar to colour and make
Jesus calms the coloured storm salt cellar to make

Assembly 6: Jesus Heals a Paralysed Man.

paralysed man and Jesus

                                                                                                                                  A paralysed man’s friends worked hard to get him to Jesus because they knew Jesus would heal him. Jesus told the man his sins were forgiven—people were shocked because only God can forgive sins. Jesus said 'Which is easier to forgive his sins to make him walk?' So, to show the crowd that he was God he told the man to get up and walk—and he did! Jesus can forgive all the things we do wrong because he is God.

Dear Jesus, please help us to be as resilient and compassionate the man’s friends. Help us to come to you and ask forgiveness when we do things wrong. Amen

Activity Sheets

 make a jumping man jumping man

activity sheet

Assembly 5: Breakfast on the Beach.

breakfast on the beach

The disciples didn't know what to do. they had tried to be followers of Jesus bit had let Jesus down, then they tried to go back to being fishermen but caught no fish. Jesus called to them from the beach and told them what to do - they caught  net full of  fish. Jesus gave Peter a second chance and a special job. Look after me people and tell them about me. Even when we feel sad and don't know what to do Jesus can help us too.

Dear Jesus, please help me to know what to do so I can show people you love them. Amen

Colouring page

Activity sheet

Assembly 4: Jesus and Thomas.

Jesus and thomas

Thomas wasn't with the disciples when Jesus first appeared to them. He said he wouldn't believe that Jesus was alive until he saw him and touched his hands. So one day when Thomas was with the other disciples, Jesus appeared to them again. This time Thomas saw, touched and believed.

Jesus said people who can't see and and still believe are more blessed than you.

Dear Jesus, help me to believe that you died and rose again for me, even though I can't see you. Let me know that your Holy Spirit is with me, especially during this difficult time. Amen
Activity sheets:
Colouring page
Activity sheet

Assembly 3: The Easter Story. last supperLots has happened since Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the donkey. A woman anointed him with perfume; Jesus was pleased, she was preparing him to die. Jesus celebrated the passover with his friends and told them to remember him with bread and wine. Jesus prayed in the garden and the soldiers came with Judas to arrest him.

resurrectionJesus died on the cross but God and the Holy Spirit never left him. They raised him back to life and Jesus told his disciples to tell everyone that he is alive for ever. We should tell people too; because Jesus took away all the wrong things we do we can be friends with God forever. ALLELUIA!!

Alleluia Poster - why not print this out, colour it in and put it up in your front window on Easter Sunday morning
Witnesses to the Crucifixion worksheet
Easter Morning worksheet

Assembly 2: Jesus rides into Jerusalem.

As Jesus rode into the city of Palm SundayJerusalem the people waved palm branches. They laid them on the road with their cloaks and shouted 'HOSANNA TO JESUS THE KING!' They wanted Jesus to fight for the city and to get rid of the Romans, but if they had read their scripture they would have understood that Jesus was a humble king and would do things God's way. We think Jesus should come and get rid of COVID-19 and heal everyone. When we read the bible we hear that Jesus is always with us, that we should learn to be like him, and act with love, gentleness and peace; we should do things God's way and trust him.

How can you act like Jesus today?

Palm Sunday Colouring page

Palm Sunday Activity Sheet

Assembly 1: Jesus called his disciples.

Jesus and the disciples

Jesus taught his disciples friendship, respect, resilience and compassion as they lived, learnt and worked together for 3 years. We need those values now, in this difficult time. God will give us these gifts if we ask him.

Dear Jesus, please help me and my family to show resilience and respect even when we get fed up with the rules. Help us to show compassion and respect to one another and  to those who are ill and vulnerable. Please be with all those working hard to keep us safe and care for the sick. Amen

Assembly at home worksheet 1