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Current Guidelines from the Church of England regarding Baptism's during the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

It is advised that meetings between candidates or parents/guardians/carers and clergy are held by telephone, Skype etc. rather than face-to-face. If meetings can only be held in person, social distancing guidance will be followed.

Numbers of those attending the baptism must be kept to a minimum – the candidate, their parents/guardians/carers, godparents and the minister and no others.

This should also be communicated to anyone in the wider circle of friends, family or colleagues in advance who may wish to attend. Sadly, those over the age of 70 and those with an underlying health condition are strongly discouraged from attending any in the present circumstances.

If candidates or parents/guardians/carers wish to postpone the baptism in light of the restrictions in numbers, this is something that will be supported, and help given to find a suitable date in the future.

All baptisms will be “stand alone” events rather than part of a Sunday service as there is no longer public worship.

No additional church personnel will attend the service, for example organists, vergers or sound system operator etc.

Please still get in touch if you wish to plan a baptism.

A Christening service is one where you or your child is baptised and welcomed into the family God through the local church and marks a step on the journey of faith on which we all travel.

Lily Jay Nelson

Baby Lily was baptised at St. James' on Sunday 18th February 2018. Her mum and dad were married here in 2016.


Baby Elise was baptised at St. James' in July 2018

Christenings usually take place at the Parish Church where you live so that through your local church you can continue your journey of faith, attend age appropriate groups and grow within a church family.

It is, however, possible to be christened in a church other than your Parish Church. This would usually take place if you are a regular member of the congregation there or have family ties to the Church and we would encourage you to contact your local church so you can be welcomed in to the church family there too.

The Church of England Christenings website offers information to guide you through the service. It is also a good place for those you choose to be Godparents to find out more about their role. The website also offers you the opportunity to light a virtual candle, as a prayer, for the person being Christened.


Christenings usually take place during our regular morning Holy Communion services, so the church family are there to welcome you. As St. Cuthbert's don't have Sunday morning services we make special arrangements.

Please contact us if you would like to chat about having a Christening in one of our Churches or fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you.

The first thing we would do is fix a time for you to meet with the Vicar to make the arrangements then you will be invited to a baptism preparation session after one of our Messy Church meetings. There we would talk through the service with you and help your prepare.

We will keep in touch with you and invite you to events and send you a Christening anniversary card to you for 5 years.